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2008-09-26 23:54:07 by FireBlazeProductions

Well, the stock of Wario land shake games will be back in stock in a few days for me. I will be playing some awesome Wario land! X)

Anyway, I'm gonna to post some stuff in this post. First, my virtual consule games and Wiiware on my Wii.

Sonic 3
Kirby's Adventure
Super Mario 64
Wreaking Crew
Teenage Muntant Ninja Turtles
Super Metroid
Doneky Kong Country 2
LoZ: A link to the past
LoZ: Ocarina of time
Super mario bros
Super mario bros 3
Super Mario World
Megaman 2
Contra 3: Alien wars
Toki Tori
Dr. Mario Online RX
Megaman 9
Lost Woods

Yeah, I'm that bored.

P.S: New flash is being made. It's gonna be a yoshi flash and it will also be the first flash that ever have full camera movements.



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