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Back from the Dead!

2009-04-03 00:54:38 by FireBlazeProductions


Watch Video for info. Sorry if my voice sucks. ^_^

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Anyway, Excited for DSi.

Cheers, Chaps.

Back from the Dead!

I found a nickel!

2008-12-15 19:43:30 by FireBlazeProductions

No wait! It's a Quater. Anyway, I'm posting this on my channel just to show people I not really dead. The reason I'm not posting is because of school troubles, Tests, and other life stuff, I just didn't have time to think of a thing to post on Newgrounds. But anyway, Christmas break's here and I have only a couple of days left until second semester's over.

I'm trying to find a way into making the newer flashes, but I couldn;t finish nor think of a good ending. But, here's a funny video to conserve your thoughts.

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or this:

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Robot Chicken can be retarded, but yet still have some humor.


TMNT Collab

2008-10-28 00:07:56 by FireBlazeProductions

I'm staring my own collab. Whoopie! Go check it out! 7117

This is gonna be totally rightous!

Also, Falcon PWANGH!!!

Woot! X8


TMNT Collab

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyy yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!

This is my first attempt to make a photoshop picture like this. I'll keep at it.

New flash being made, look forward too it.


I'm learing Photoshop :D


2008-09-26 23:54:07 by FireBlazeProductions

Well, the stock of Wario land shake games will be back in stock in a few days for me. I will be playing some awesome Wario land! X)

Anyway, I'm gonna to post some stuff in this post. First, my virtual consule games and Wiiware on my Wii.

Sonic 3
Kirby's Adventure
Super Mario 64
Wreaking Crew
Teenage Muntant Ninja Turtles
Super Metroid
Doneky Kong Country 2
LoZ: A link to the past
LoZ: Ocarina of time
Super mario bros
Super mario bros 3
Super Mario World
Megaman 2
Contra 3: Alien wars
Toki Tori
Dr. Mario Online RX
Megaman 9
Lost Woods

Yeah, I'm that bored.

P.S: New flash is being made. It's gonna be a yoshi flash and it will also be the first flash that ever have full camera movements.


Well, my blockbuster and GameStop doesn't have Wario Land Shake. So I have to wait about a week and a half before more will come back in stock. Anyway, I gonna go to bed. Night.

{Cries to sleep} ;(

No Wario Land for me.

Because I have better else to do on weekends besides games and going out.

I made my first ever real drawing. I made this paint so it kinda crappy. I'll keep trying to draw other stuff and increase my drawing ability.

Why did I make this?!

Welcome to my Account!

2008-09-05 19:27:19 by FireBlazeProductions

Hey guys. I just started a new acount for all my new flash movies. Most of you from my original account probally don't know why the hell I made this acount. There are three reasons:

1. I didn't like my old flashes back at my orginal acount, espieclly the crappy ed edd n eddy ones. So I decided to make a new account so I can away from the old account

2. I want for people to get the fuck off me. I just want people to respect my flashes and not be a total dick hole to me.

3. I also wanted to anew, because I been making animations for about a year, so I want to start the same feeling I had when I first came here. I also make movies for fun.

There. Now for the love of god, nobody give me bullshit of coming back to my orginal account! Period!

Now for flashes, I will display the flash names under my profile icon to show you how much work I got done on. I'll do that each week.

Also to show people I'm really Ogama-Prime. (Look at bottom screen)

Most that are new to me can read the FAQ's that I made under here.

Q: What Flashes are you making?

A: Mainly I do sprite flicks. I often times find ways to increase both my flash skills and trying to draw.

Q: Will you do a collab with me?

A: I'll only join depending on these options:
- If you have great flash skills close to or high above my skills.
- More than 2 people in it.
- If I like the idea.

Q: Will you teach me flash?

A: No. I don't teach people flash skills. I recomand if you go to the NG forums or search on google and youtube, you'll most likely find some tutorials to teach you skills.

Q: Where do get your sounds from?

A: I get sounds and music that I record or get from a well known site, which I will not tell you. Find it on your own.

Q: Where did you get the sprites?

A: Same as the previous anwser.

Q: Do you have a website?

A: I will soon. It won't be out until I make the site which I will do for christmas.

Q: Do have a series planned?

A: Yes. I do have an idea for a series on pokemon. It not be called the rockets anymore because I don't think the plot of it didn't go well. I keep the title secret for now. But the problem is that the flash contain voice actors and dialoge, so people who wanna try to addiction, go right ahead and PM me.

Q: Why does It takes so long to make flash?

A: Because I have a freakin' life and I hardly get enough time on the computer except on he weekends, and also because I try to come up with some interesting stuff.

Q: What flash projects are you working on now?

A: Mainly I taking a break from sprite movies and trying drawings, also I have school again. It will take twice as long then before.

Q: How long have you had flash?

A: A year, so far.

Well that's about it. I will see you guys later.

I'm a bastard when I do this. >:D


Welcome to my Account!